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Issue #007 / J. Madison

Acting Shasta County Registrar of Voters, Joanna Francescut, stumbles through interview for top job while throwing former embattled ROV, Cathy Darling Allen, under the bus.

Joanna Francescut.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen of Shasta County, meet Fierce Joanna.

Rich G.jpg

Richard Gallardo,

Shasta County Patriot.

A few short months after Cathy Darling Allen resigned in disgrace, and after several duplicitous scandals were revealed at the Shasta County Elections Office, the Shasta County board of supervisors tapped Tom Toller, one of Shasta County’s most reputable attorneys, for the position. After decades of mistrust in the county election’s office, the residents of Shasta County rested peacefully Wednesday night knowing that their registrar of voters is now someone who can be trusted to ensure that every Shasta County citizen vote counts, and that free and fair elections are on the horizon.

After a lackluster interview performance, Joanna Francescut, acting registrar of voters, was not selected for the position. Most citizens believe that Francescut, a sixteen-year veteran of the department, cannot be trusted to ensure Shasta County Elections are fair. Francescut, no stranger to unethical and immoral behavior, showed her true colors during interviews. At one point in the second round of interviews she snapped at Board Chair Crye and alluded to the fact that she may suffer from multiple personality disorder by calling her alter ego Fierce Joanna. “When I stand up and speak. And when I stand up and become fierce Joanna, that you don’t get to see very often.” Crye just brushed off the belligerent remark. Known for her passive-aggressive behavior, and lack of public transparency, Joanna’s responses to board interview questions were often curt and childish. Some citizens noted that Francusecut, who is not known for playing nice with others, thought she was a shoo-in for the position simply because Cathy Darling Allen groomed her to take over after her unscrupulous reign ended in an extremely disgraceful and very public resignation. Francescut, who’s currently being sued in Shasta County Superior Court for running a questionable 2024 election, with several irregularities, seemed to snap at chair Crye during one interview question with “I do the work of three people” and “I deserve this role.” Right after that she quipped “I know the work I have done is not perfect.” Way to sell yourself, Fierce Joanna!


She demonstrated, often with a grimace on her face, that she is unqualified to take the helm of the Shasta County ROV using her own disambiguated words. Often reading from her notes, she admitted she has staff that is smarter than her and they can do their jobs how they see fit. She also noted that if her staff makes a mistake, she will shield them from the public’s view. A visibly shaken Francescut also stated that there was a staff member that controlled the environment of the ROV office. Even stating that this person cussed at others and told them they were wrong. Some, in the audience, believe she was speaking about her former boss, Cathy Darling Allen, who is known to have a petulant temper. At one point in the interview, a perturbed Joanna stated, “Cathy was literally yelling,” before she quickly changed the subject. Often rambling on, and losing her composure, she openly admitted that her work on Shasta County elections has been scrutinized on a national level.

The vast majority of citizens in Shasta County do not trust Francescut and have had concerns about the Shasta County Elections Office and it’s failing leadership since the early 2000’s. A list of complaints, but certainly not all, about former ROV Cathy Darling Allen and her second in command, Joanna Francescut, are as follows (and in no particular order):

1.    A lack of transparency in the election office.


2.    The time it takes to count votes (often taking several weeks).


3.    The passive-aggressive attitudes of Darling Allen and Francescut.


4.    A refusal to clean up dirty county voter rolls.


5.    Their refusal to give up the questionable Dominion voting machines.


6.    Completely flubbing up the Shasta Lake City election process that cost us taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars (and refusing to take responsibility for it). Not to mention the numerous mistakes made in the March 2024 election that has now landed Francescut (and your taxpayer dollars) in court as the defendant.


7.    Constantly complaining about their pay while both making well over six figures a year.


8.    Promoting a culture of fear and aggressiveness in the election office.


9.    Failing to reveal public information in a timely fashion, if at all.


10. Extended travel to fancy hotels and resorts on the county dime for “county business.”


Supervisor Tim Garman, obviously concerned that the public does not trust her to fairly run the office asked her, “What would you do, in your role of registrar of voters, to build public trust?” Heming and hawing, an ill prepared Francescut, stated that the community needs to heal. Often slurring her speech and mispronouncing words, she also showed her disdain for the citizens in Garman’s district (rural Shasta County) by stating that we need better information in our rural areas of Shata County. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about rural Americans, Fierce Joanna?

Supervisor Patrick Jones asked Francescut if she was connected with the Center for Tech and Civic Life (A known Mark Zuckerberg program that donates money to ensure liberal causes are furthered via electioneering). She stated she was. Jones noted that half the states in US have barred this type of money due to Zuckerberg’s leftist ties. In 2023, the Shasta County board of supervisors agreed to accept this money as long as there were no strings attached and it could only be used to purchase a new ROV building. The following month supervisor Jones asked the disgraced and former acting Shasta County CEO, Mary Williams, if that offer had been accepted by the Center. He did not get a response from her. Throughout the 2023 year, Jones, the then chairman of the board, asked another three times if that counter proposal had been accepted. He did not get a response. Jones later learned that the counter proposal that the board drafted was never delivered to the Center for Tech. A different proposal, not authorized by the board, was delivered and accepted instead. Jones noted that that information was withheld from himself and the entire board. Jones then stated, “174 emails later, as we discover, we see that on ten different occasions, Council (county attorney) Ross said that if you’re going to reword the writing of this agreement it would need to go back to the board. Ten times that information was ignored. Your name, and Cathy’s (Cathy Darling Allen) names were on many of those 174 emails. I believe that is a breach of conduct, a breach of contract. It was not authorized by this board, and it was hidden from this board. And I believe it was malconduct, from yourself and Cathy, withholding that information from the board. I consider this to be very grave and have trust (sic) with your department because of that. We did not find out that that agreement was accepted, and it wasn’t our agreement, it wasn’t authorized by the board until 2024. That is how I feel about this department right now. And I’m having trouble making the appointment for you with the involvement for the Centers for Technology and Civic Life. I hope you understand my concerns." With a jaundiced look on her face, knowing that what Jones stated was accurate and easily verifiable, Joanna Francescut stood motionless, her teeth and fists clenched, and possibly little puffs of smoke emitting from her ears and nostrils, refused to respond to Jones’ comments. Supervisor Kelstrom, worried about her ability to stay on her feet, felt the need to ask her if she was OK. Grunt twice if you’re OK, Fierce Joanna.

A frazzled Francescut then decided it would be a good strategy to throw her former boss and mentor, Cahty Darling Allen, under the bus in an effort to curry favor with the board. When asked what she would do differently than her predecessor (Darling Allen), Joanna eagerly stated that “Ya. I’ve actually already started doing things differently than what Cathy Darling Allen had done in the past.” She also furthered herself from Darling Allen by stating, “But Cathy and I are two different people. We have two different ideologies” (technically true since one is a communist and the other is a socialist, but both are registered as Democrats). She implied that Cathy Darling Allen failed to complete the duties of her position and she didn’t believe, would have worked with the Shasta County Election’s Commission. She made several disparaging comments about Darling Allen by saying, “I don’t think those presentations would have been done.” “There are other things in the past, as far as leadership goes.” “The attitude in the office.” “The sense of urgency,” “I’m trying to pick back up and retrain my staff.” “I need to make sure that we are doing things differently and a little bit more proactive than we did with Cathy.” She stated that sometimes Cathy would bring a project in without a lot of planning, a tense and often terse Francescut went on the bemoan. She also complained that she had to pick up where Cathy left off for her and make it better. She will bring a different leadership style to the table. Side note: The Shasta County Elections Commission, that was board approved to look into the misdeeds at the election’s office, has been undermined by Darling Allen and Francescut, according to numerous concerned citizens.  

Several Shasta County constituents spoke out against Francescut. Nick Gardner, local radio host, who received two election ballots at his house, stated “There’s a bunch of us that don’t have trust in our elections.” He noted that there was nothing Francescut said during her interviews that would change that opinion. He reiterated that she failed to bring any new ideas to the table. Ideas like cleaning up the voter rolls, securing the ballots, or accommodating election observers (by not pushing them aside). Untrustworthy of Joanna Francescut, Gardner said, “This is Shasta County’s chance for integrity in our elections.”     


Richard Gallardo, well known Shasta County patriot, stated, “I have a problem with one of our candidates." He went on to state that he was bemused by Francescut’s arrogance and entitlement by publicly stating that she deserves this job. “You have to earn it. Just because you’ve been there sixteen years, that’s not earning it," said Gallardo. “Joanna has a dire hatred for (election) observers. She’s been on multiple podcasts and interviews with the media talking about how the observers have intimidated (election staff). They have not. Law enforcement or private security has been at these election events. Not one person removed. Cited. Charged. Prosecuted. Not even asked to leave, by the way. Because law enforcement saw no legal violations. My real concern is that Joanna doesn’t mind if the manual count is off with the machine count a couple of votes. Quote, unquote, ‘that’s not a problem,’ unquote, by Joanna.” “Every vote matters. Period,” insisted Gallardo.  

Throwing your best friend and former boss under the bus to get a promotion was a poor strategy for Francescut. The board and members of the public didn’t seem impressed with a “leader” that has no problem hamstringing her boss, coworkers, friends, and volunteers just to get a promotion. No thanks, Joanna. We like our leaders to take responsibility for their own actions and refuse to climb the ladder of success by throwing their boss under the bus. 


Welcome to our new ROV, Tom Toller! You may want to keep your eyes open for the fox in the henhouse named FIERCE JOANNA. Especially if she is behind the wheel of a bus.    

Issue #006 / J. Madison

When You're the Prettiest Girl in the Gender Neutral Bathroom. Who are the People in your Neighborhood?


As a child, and well before Sesame Street went woke, I remember humming along to the tune of "The People in your Neighborhood." Bob McGrath, Sesame Street's original cast member, who’s undoubtedly rolling over in his grave, noted that there are all kinds of interesting people that live in your neighborhood. He taught us about the people in our neighborhood like the postman, the policeman, the doctor, the grocer, etc. You know. The people that you meet when you’re walking down the street each day. In general, these people are there to help us and make our lives better. The policeman is here to protect us and keep us safe, the grocer is here to provide us food for nourishment, the doctor is here to help us stay healthy, etc. A Patriot News Café sends a special thanks to all the helpful people in our neighborhood!


I can’t help but think of what the woke version of "The People in your Neighborhood" would sound like today. It could be something like who are the lefties in your neighborhood?" Feel free to sing along with me. Who are the lefties in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood? They’re the goofballs that you meet, when you’re walking down the street, each day.

Believe it or not, Shasta County, or God’s country as my grandfather calls it, has a number of left of center individuals in the neighborhood. Shasta County boasts about 23% of voters as registered Democrats (mainly Bay Area tranplants). A large number of the lefties in your neighborhood hold important offices in Shasta County. People like the Shasta County Clerk and Registrar of Voters, Cathy Darling Allen, as well as super woke Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, Judy Flores. That’s not even including RINO politicians like recalled Shasta County Supervisor Lenard Moty, failed supervisor candidate Erin Resner, or current Shasta County Supervisors Mary Rickert and Tim Garman, that register as Republicans but push a liberal agenda. Roughly 25% of the people in your Shasta County neighborhood are wacky lefties. 


Who exactly are the lefties in your neighborhood?


The lefties in your neighborhood cried Russian collusion for four straight years, and then gaslight anyone who questions the 2020 and 2022 elections as election deniers.


The lefties in your neighborhood think it’s OK for schools to groom children, have sexualization clubs, shelve homoerotic books in their libraries, and hide important information from parents.


The lefties in your neighborhood complain about corporations making too much money, but buy Apple watches, the latest I-phone, and will happily pay $6 for a grande soy macchiato at Starbucks.


The lefties in your neighborhood don’t have a problem with election fraud as long as their candidate wins.


The lefties in your neighborhood call pedophiles minor attracted individuals.


The lefties in your neighborhood forced your children to wear masks at school and then wondered why depression and suicide rates skyrocketed; while test scores plummeted.


The lefties in your neighborhood are in a constant state of panic and they want you to panic, too.


The lefties in your neighborhood see themselves as mental giants.


The lefties in your neighborhood love to complain about everything, but fail to offer real solutions.


The lefties in your neighborhood want to defund the police and take your guns away.


The lefties in your neighborhood don’t know the true meaning of hard work. They are lazy, unappreciative, and will gladly trade their freedoms for security, but don't understand that they will get neither. 


The lefties in your neighborhood are like the guy that takes the last seat in a life raft on the Titanic from a woman or child. They are cowards.

The lefties in your neighborhood are bullies that hide behind a computer and social media. They have no empathy for others and refuse to see different viewpoints.

The lefties in your neighborhood cannot define what a woman is and do not know which public restroom to use.

The lefties in your neighborhood are the descendants of the people who, during the Salem Witch Trials, screamed, burn her! She’s a witch!

The lefties in your neighborhood are against the death penalty for a murderer, but relish in the killing of an innocent unborn child. They claim abortion is healthcare.

The lefties in your neighborhood believe that people should lose their livelihood if they don’t get the Covid "vaccine," but don’t want to talk about the teenage and twenty something year old athletes that are dropping dead because they were forced to get the jab. They want to know everyone else’s vaccination status. My body, my choice only applies to them.

The lefties in your neighborhood believe in equity (equal outcomes) instead of equality (equal opportunity). They believe in getting a trophy for 4th through last place.

The lefties in your neighborhood think Abaraham Lincoln was a Democrat and don’t know that the KKK was the strong arm of the Democratic Party. Much like today’s BLM and Antifa.


The lefties in your neighborhood think Brokeback Mountain was a western.


The lefties in your neighborhood claim to understand and believe in science but think a dirty facemask that’s been in and out of your pocket all day will protect you from microscopic viruses.


The lefties in your neighborhood are allergic to common sense.


The lefties in your neighborhood get offended by jokes like – How did Socialists light their homes before candles? (Answer) With light bulbs.


The lefties in your neighborhood do not approve of this message.

Joshua and Judy.jpg

Self admitted Communist and Shasta Union Elementary School Board member, Joshua Brown, pictured with one of his biggest supporters, Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, Judy Flores, ran his campaign on repealing sodomy laws. Josh, who identifies as an INCEL (involuntarily celebate), and has openly spoken about entertaining thoughts of hurting women, is loved by the lefties in your neighborhood.

Issue #005 / T. Jefferson

Sam Chimenti: The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the half-truth


KRCR, cub reporter, Sam Chimenti, gets half of the story.


No stranger to the nepotism game in Redding, Jake Mangus tows the party line and pushes the mask narrative.

When it comes to telling half-truths, Sam Chimenti is the belle of the ball. Picture this scene at your local KRCR newsroom:


KRCR Executive:

Sam, how’s that story coming along?


Sam Chimenti:

I’m almost half-way through with it, boss.


KRCR Executive:

Good. Let’s go to print.


Barely out of his teens, Sam Chimenti, KRCR “Multimedia Journalist,” is making quite the name for himself in the Redding area. Chimenti, who was born and raised in Redding, earned a degree in communications from the notoriously liberal Sacramento State University, and has been working for KRCR for the past year. Chimenti, whose first assignment at KRCR was a production assistant, has a distinguished history of only telling one side of the story, or half-truths, during his brief tenure at KRCR. A left-wing extremist since birth, Chimenti prides himself on spinning his “stories” with a liberal bent.

The former valet attendant, who was fortunate enough to have a father in local politics, Shasta County Board of Supervisor, Joe Chimenti, fell ass backwards into the cushy gig at KRCR just out of college. Some accuse the elder Chimenti of cashing in a favor with KRCR brass to fast-track Sam’s “journalism” career. Much like their close family friends, Mike and Jake Mangus, did with the Redding Chamber of Commerce. White privilege much? What’s that old saying? It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Thanks, Pop Chimenti! We just wish you would have looked out for the citizens of Shasta County during your single term as a member of the Shasta County Board of Supervisors, as much as you did to help your son land a sweet gig. Thanks for nothing, Uncle Joe.


Not everything you hear about Sam is negative, though. After all, he’s done a great job of telling one sided stories his whole career. He covered one entire half of the recall of disgraced Shasta County Board of Supervisor, Lenard Moty. A whole half. Not half a half. You can bet Sam will err on the side of leftism every chance he gets to tell only one side of the story. When it comes to telling half the story, one local citizen noted, he’s the best in the business. His area of expertise resides in the kingdom of telling you one thing to cover up what’s really going on with a more important matter. For example: It’s been noted that the Pulitzer people have been gabbing about Sam around the water cooler. They especially liked how he covered such hard-hitting news as solar panels, the Mosely Family Wine Cellar, and the snowfall in Mount Shasta, instead of timely reporting on the defunct land/Casino deal perpetrated by the Redding City Council, and former Redding Mayor and failed Shasta County Board of Supervisor candidate, Erin Resner. Furthermore, they gushed about the lack of coverage of the times Mary Rickert, Les Baugh, Lenard Moty, and his father, Joe Chimenti, locked members of the public out of Shasta County Board of Supervisor meetings and how the City of Redding and the County of Shasta took millions of dollars in plandemic relief monies only to spend the vast majority of it on growing the size of our government. Some honorable mention work would include covering the Gateway School district board meetings and not covering the Shasta County Board of Education, minus Authur Gorman, and Shasta County Superintendent of Schools Judy Flores', passing of board policies that compel and restrict free speech, violate God given rights, and promote the sexualization of our youth. Not to mention zero coverage of the Gender Sexuality Alliance Club at Enterprise High School. Not a peep, Sam? Well done, young Jedi.

However, not everyone is happy with Chimenti and his style of one sided reporting. Rich Gallardo, Shasta County patriot, and Shasta County Citizen Journalist, wrote of one of Sam’s hit pieces, “This sensationalistic kind of hype, and tripe, is exactly why Sam, you get No interviews from non-Democratic Socialist Citizens. You are trying to create consternation where there is NONE. The apple falls not far from the tree. Maybe you should ask Donnie G of AnewsCrappe if you could start giving her some opinion pieces, since your writings are very left leaning.” Looks like Rich, unlike Sam, knows how to tell the whole story. 


Sam, a beta male since his early tweens, who by all accounts is anti-religion, anti-Second Amendment, pro-vaccine mandates, and pro mask mandates, has a history of supporting a women’s right to murder her unborn child. In his spare time he enjoys retweeting Joe Biden’s pearls of wisdom. He once re-tweeted that “I’m currently not proud to be an American.” Sam stated that he was “forced” to move back to Redding and that he thinks “people should stop saying go to hell as an insult, and instead replace it with go to Redding.” Nice to have you back in town, Sam. We’d be happy to pitch in for a one-way bus ticket to the liberal city/state/utopia of your choice. We hear Fantasyland is beautiful this time of year.

Sam once had a homeless man tell him he looked like a “gay ice skater.” A slightly embarrassed Sam stated, “Honestly the best complement I’ve ever been given.” Chimenti has a history of supporting Redding’s very own LGBTQ++++++++++ advocate, Megan Rapinoe, whose U.S. Women’s Soccer team embarrassingly lost 5 to 2 to a squad of under 15-year-old boys. Sam, who identifies as a male (he/him), is an ardent supporter of homosexual rights, and enjoys wine Wednesdays with his long-time partner. “Bottoms up,” Sambo.


Sam has aspirations of working for the NFL Network someday. He’d like to follow in the footsteps of one-time KRCR employee, Rich Eisen. Not known for being a standout athlete as a wide receiver at Uprep, Chimenti, who dropped more passes than he caught, is credited with a total of three receptions as a varsity player during his senior year. With hands like feet, let’s hope ol’ dad has some connections at the NFL Network. Sam’s not going to score many touchdowns, but if you need someone to hold your purse, he’s your guy.


Best known for being a reporter that tells only half the story, I often wonder how Sam Chimenti would feel if someone did that to him.


We can’t wait to see you on the NFL Network, Sam! But please do us a favor. Please promise to report on the whole game, not just half of it.



part one of three

Issue #004 / J. Madison

Meet one of Shasta County's newest school board members, Joshua Brown

Joshua vancine mandates.jpg

Joshua Brown, a left-wing extremist, advocates for forced vaccinations.

Meet one of Shasta County’s newest school board members, Joshua Brown, who was appointed to the Shasta Union Elementary School District school board on November 7, 2022. Brown, 19, a former student of the one-school district, envisions a school setting with smaller class sizes, better school meals, more help for students with learning disabilities, and one that develops partnerships with the community. “I believe that a quality education is a human right. It’s the right to a dignified life,” Brown stated.

However, this is not Brown’s first foray into politics. In June of 2022, he ran for the state Assembly in District 1, a primarily conservative area of California. Brown received 2,898 votes compared to political centrist Megan Dahle’s 79,201, but he was not deterred. “I got 2% of the vote, which is pretty good for a socialist in this neck of the woods,” Joshua admitted. During his assembly campaign, he exclaimed that that COVID-19 is not over, and wholeheartedly supports masking and vaccine mandates.

Joshua, a self-proclaimed socialist and communist, was urged to apply for the school board position, after the assembly race, by his father and comrade, Robert Brown, a member of the Shasta County Office of Education board. After a go at the state assembly, his father suggested he file paperwork to run for one of three open seats on the Shasta Union Elementary School District board. However, since only three candidates entered the race, all three were appointed to the five-member school board. Brown will serve a four-year term until 2026.


While running for the state assembly and asked to tell something about himself, Joshua retorted, “My name is Joshua Brown, I'm a communist revolutionary based in Shasta County. I have organized and participated in many progressive marches. I am the founder and chair of Redding Red Meals, a group that buys food for the homeless. I am also the Vice Chair of the Shasta County Peace and Freedom Party and founder and chair of the Red Unity Roundtable USA. I have three disabilities; autism, epilepsy, and OCD, and my experience in the special education and mental health systems give me a unique perspective.”

Joshua FB with Karl Marx.jpg

Visit board member Joshua Brown, and Karl Marx, on Facebook.

Joshua and Judy.jpg

Comrades Judy Flores, Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, and Joshua Brown, have big plans for the students of Shasta County.

Politically, Joshua is considered a left-wing extremist. He began his political career as a liberal who supported candidates like Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders. He referred to Joseph Stalin and “Juche,” the state ideology of the dystopian state of North Korea, as sources of inspiration.


When asked what main points he’d like his voters to remember about his goals for his time in office, Brown happily replied, “Make the rich pay so we can have free, public and universal healthcare, education, housing, utilities, gas, etc. Eliminate markets, private property, and social-classes. Centralized control over all industry, planned in the interests of the workers.” Karl Marx , the father of modern day Communism and Eugene Debs, an American theorist of socialism, are two individuals that board member Brown looks up to. Marx and Debs would undoubtably be proud of the 19-year-old board member and his plans for the youth of Shasta County.


Noting a book that he would recommend that people read to garner a better understanding of his political views, The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, was his response. The Communist Manifesto, much to Brown’s delight, describes a world without religion, social-classes, war, possessions, greed, hunger, or private property. Joshua’s praise of Communism reminds me of an old Russian joke where a man walks into a shop. He asks the clerk, “You don’t have any meat?” The clerk says, “No, here we don’t have any fish. The shop that doesn’t have any meat is across the street.”

The following are a few questions Joshua answered to help his constituents get to know him a little better.



If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?



Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess because she gets to be with Xena.



Do you believe that compromise is necessary or desirable for policymaking?



No. We've had too much compromise already. Enough is enough- enough of capitalist parties, enough of capitalists and reactionaries. For the sake of the working class, its time there was some bold socialist leadership here.



What characteristics or principles are most important for an elected official?



Being socialist, being honest, and being principled.



What qualities do you possess that you believe would make you a successful officeholder?



I know what it's like to fall through the cracks. I've been through the mental health system, like a lot of people in the North State.



What legacy would you like to leave?



I'm a socialist who planted a red flag in the far rural Northern California region.



What do you perceive to be the state’s greatest challenge over the next decade?



The growing number of millionaires and billionaires and the corruption that comes with it. We have so many millionaires and billionaires in this so-called "left coast", and not just in Bel Air, but in the North State, we have my arch enemy Reverge Anselmo. I want them all in a jail cell, I want money out of politics, etc.

Hold your horses there cowboy. Calling for the jailing of U.S. citizens could be construed as a tad fascist. Insert sad face here. 

Some of his past controversial views, Brown stated, he now regrets. He used to identify with INCELS, or “involuntary celibates,” an online community of men who harbor hostility, and often commit acts of violence against women, for not wanting to have sex with them.


Judy Flores, Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, whose students have some of the lowest test scores in the state of California, and close friend of the Brown family said she appreciates Joshua’s interest in becoming more involved in his community; while Shasta Union Elementary School District Superintendent, Rob Adams, said he’s looking forward to working with Brown. Susanne Baremore, Shasta County gadfly and public affairs and community engagement director for the California School Board Association’s northern region, whose drunk driving arrests are legendary in the north state, said Brown has the ability to make valuable contributions to his board. “He’s really a neat young man and very inspiring in a lot of ways.”


While Flores, Adams, and Baremore sing Brown’s praises, some community members wonder if Brown’s views, especially his views as an “INCEL,” make him a danger to be around women and children.   


During his first meeting, in December of 2022, Brown stated that he was nervous but was well-prepared. “Right now I’m feeling very enthusiastic,” Brown quipped. “I think I can be a change agent and help create a future to believe in.”


A closer look at Shasta Union Elementary School District’s Website, with Shasta Montessori being its lone school (, shows no evidence that Joshua Brown is a school board member, leaving some community members wondering if the district is trying to hide the fact that one of their board members holds anti-American views.  


Joshua lives with his parents and when he’s not looking over school board packets or attending his independent skills classes, he enjoys jogging and photography. Brown has one dog and three cats. His favorite books are on education policy, economics, socialist literature, and disability inclusion. 


“Joshua is very intelligent, and he’s a natural leader,” said the elder Brown. “I am extraordinarily proud of him. He’s a great young man who’s determined to make a difference in this world.”


With world views like those of Shasta County Superintendent of Schools Judy Flores, Shasta Union Elementary Superintendent Rob Adams, California School Board Association representative Susanne Baremore, and Shasta Union Elementary board member Joshua Brown, it’s no wonder schools in Shasta County are failing to meet the needs of students and families.


One thing’s for sure. Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Xena the Princess Warrior would all be proud to shake Joshua’s hand.


Shasta Union Elementary School District’s next board meeting is on 2/13/23, at 5pm, at 10446 Red Bluff Rd., Shasta, CA 96087.   

Joshua Brown and Shasta Union Elementary School District Principal, Kim Miller, refused to comment.



part one of two


Issue #003 / J. Madison

Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, Judy Flores, and Shasta High School Superintendent of Schools, Jim Cloney, accused of sexualizing students.

Enterprise Club .jpg

Enterprise High School promotes the Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club.

Judy Pic With Socialist Board Members.jpg

Judy Flores has been instrumental in helping place socialist board members in Shasta County Schools. Flores is pictured with left-wing Shasta County School Board member, Robert Brown (left), and his son, Joshua Brown (right), who is a self proclaimed socialist and was recently appointed as a member of the Shasta Union Elementary School District board. 

Are Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, Judy Flores, and Shasta High School Superintendent of Schools, Jim Cloney, encouraging the sexualization of students in Shasta County? A close look at the “student activities and clubs” at Enterprise High School may shed some light on the matter. It looks like Enterprise High School has a student club that encourages the sexualization of our youth. The name of the club is the Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club. Yes. You read correctly. The Gender-SEXUALITY Alliance Club.

You may be wondering what exactly goes on during a Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club meeting at Enterprise High School. Oddly enough, as of today, 1/31/23, there is no mention of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club on Enterprise High School’s website. Enterprise High School boasts numerous activities and clubs on its school website, like the Key Club and the Savor the Global Flavors Club. Both of these clubs, as listed on the school’s website, provide information about meeting dates, locations, times, and a synopsis of the club’s purpose. The Key Club’s club description, for example, states that the Key Club in an international student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership both within their community and beyond. What a great idea for a club! So, what exactly goes on during a meeting of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club? Since there is no description of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club’s purpose on the school website, your guess is as good as ours; leaving some parents to ask what Flores and Cloney are trying to hide. What we do know is that last week Enterprise High School announced the winners of its Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club’s “Pride Art” contest winners. Bringing home the first place trophy was Lyilah England-Entelisano and Lizzie Nelson. Second place went to Consuelo-Aliazay Ortiz, while Jack Tunstall finished a close third.  

Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, Judy Flores, whose left-wing policies, and promotion of Critical Race Theory, are turning our schools into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, has a history of supporting the LGBT movement and the sexualization of our youth. Flores, a San Francisco Bay Area native, whose schools have some of the lowest test scores in the state (3.9% of students met standards in math, and only 16.88% met standards in English), has consistently pushed her ideological views on the children of Shasta County ever since her days at Enterprise School District. When asked for a comment about the Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club at Enterprise High School, a tight-lipped Flores refused our request for an interview.


Jim Cloney, Shasta High School Superintendent of Schools, who is known to support left-wing ideologies in the Shasta High School Union School District, has a history of promoting policies that do more to psychologically damage and harm our students than they do to educate them. Cloney, in 2022, was forced to amend the Shasta High School’s board policies due to parental outrage over supplemental teaching materials that included violence, nudity, and profanity. Cloney did not return a request for an interview. 


Both Flores and Cloney were big advocates of school closures, masking, and forced testing during the “plandemic.” Some speculate their support of the mandates was due to the fact that both of their organizations garnered millions of dollars of Covid relief money from the state and federal governments; all while student test scores plummeted, and student psychological problems continue to flourish.  

What do you say, Shasta County? Is it time for new leadership in our schools?       

Issue #002 / J. Madison

Gorman vs. Flores & Shasta County Board of Education: Round Two

Authur Gorman was elected to the Shasta County Board of Education in November of 2022, by a landslide margin over incumbents Steve McFarland and Rhonda Hull

Judy Flores, Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, whose schools have some of the worst math and English test scores in the state (only 3.9% of students met standards in math, and only 16.88% met standards in English), continues to promote liberal policies in Shasta County Schools.

* Source

Authur Gorman, newly elected Shasta County Board of Education, Area 2 Representative, requested that Shasta County School Board Policy 5145.3 be revisited at the board's January 11, 2023, monthly meeting. Board policy 5145.3, under the guise of anti-discrimination, forces students, teachers, staff members and school administrators to address gender dysphoric students by their preferred pronouns or be subject to disciplinary action. Gorman, a longtime civil rights activist, warned Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, Judy Flores, and the Shasta County Board of Education that they would likely face litigation and lose a costly legal battle if board policy 5145.3 were mandated (which it was on December 14, 2022, by a vote of 6 to 1. Gorman being the lone dissenting vote).

During the standing room only January 11, 2023, board meeting, concerned citizens spoke against the policy and asked the board to revisit the policy and provide more time for public input. One concerned parent, Regina Sharrett, reminded the board that parents and citizens were told that the board passed BP 5145.3 because it was based on existing state law, only to let them know that she had researched the matter and found that it was not based on California legislation. Pointing to the growing number of people in the audience, Sharrett scolded the board by telling them that these people will be at your meetings, at schools, and we will not quit until you right this wrong. Reminding them they took an oath to support the U.S. Constitution, noting that the First Amendment protects all citizens from being forced or coerced to utter or express a though to which an individual disagrees. “Only one board member honored their oath, Mr. Gorman, to protect free speech,” Sharrett emphasized; leaving the podium to a thunder of applause.

Rich Gallardo began his time at the podium proclaiming that several Brown Act violations had already been committed during the meeting. He asked Flores’ attorney, Thomas Gauthier of Lozano-Smith Law Firm, to take note that forcing citizens to sign in for a public meeting is a direct violation of the Brown Act. “How can we trust you to educate the kids if you cannot even run a meeting according to the Brown Act?,” Gallardo inquired. He also excoriated Board President Kathy Barry for refusing to put Board Policy 5145.3 on the January 11, agenda, at the request of Gorman. “An elected board member should be able to put anything on the agenda. Period. That’s why they are there,” a frustrated Gallardo exclaimed. Gallardo, who always has a way with words, equated Barry’s refusal to giving Gorman and the tens of thousands of people that voted for him, the middle finger. Barry, not used to having an audience during public comment sat silently and refused to make eye contact with those in the audience. Gallardo, like Sharrett, left the podium to a roar of applause.

Lori Bridgeford, local marriage, family, and child therapist, and reporter for Shasta County Citizen Journalist, spoke to the board about the need for transparency and noted that citizens would not hesitate to recall Superintendent Flores and any, or all, members of the left-leaning board. A staunch constitutionalist, Bridgeford reminded the board that they cannot force teachers or students to compel them or force them to say anything they don’t want to or need to. “You don’t have that authority. You don’t,” she noted. She also asked for the board meetings to be held in the evening to accommodate working parents and citizens. She said she believes they hold the meetings at 1:30PM, on purpose. Before leaving the podium Bridgeford declared, “You want inclusivity? Include the parents!” Cue the applause.

Board members Denny Mills, Nick Webb, and Laura Manuel seemed to squirm in their chairs while Bridgeford held the microphone. The always defiant Superintendent Flores, once again, refused to address the audience, while casually doodling in her notebook.     


Addressing the board, Sally Rapoza highlighted a 2021 court case where a three judge panel, of the US court of appeals, agreed that a professor could not be forced to use preferred pronouns of gender dysphoric students. His suit, against the university that employed him, claimed his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights had been violated. She noted that this suit was the first of its kind, but certainly not the last. Rapoza reminded the board that no one can be compelled to say things they don’t believe. Insert applause here.


Michele Dugar requested the board make a motion to revise the policy, noting that compelled speech is unconstitutional. Dugar exclaimed, that the liberal board “demand the citizens bow down and submit or else. Whether it be bathrooms, pronouns, or hidden records. The only one we will bow down to is God”. She encouraged any parent or teacher that has been harmed by these policies to contact her. “We are preparing,” she stated, as she left the podium to the roar of the crowd.


Dolores Lucero took to the podium and proceeded to call the board members, with the exception of Gorman, cowards. “You have no guts to stand up for people. The people voted for you hoping that you would do the damn thing right. And yet you went against the people. Now guess what? The people are going to come after you by removing you from office and making you accountable.” Clapping, clapping, more clapping.


Terry Rapoza, Jefferson State of Mine co-host, told the board, they all voted for something, with the exception of Authur Gorman, “that I think is appalling”. Rapoza went on to say the policy violates an individual’s First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, while United States Code 42, Code Section 1983, enables them to be sued as individuals. Furthermore, Rapoza noted that United States Title 18, Code 242, which is a felony, for obstructing a Constitutionally protected rights is also in play. “We don’t have constitutional rights, we have God given rights,” Rapoza exclaimed. “We’re done fooling around. We are done with situations with people who are in office saying one thing and doing another, but now you’re going after our kids. You’re allowing unlawful and un-Godly things to happen to our kids. How can you do that? How do you go back to your churches? We need to protect our children.”  Applause emojis here.


Flores, who attends Pathways Church in Redding, and whose husband is on the worship team, visibly cringed while Rapoza spoke about the un-Godliness on the board of education. Flores, a longtime supporter of critical race theory, has a large contingent of parents and community members that are in support of recalling her from office.    


McFarland, an Elder at Valley Christian Church, sat motionless, with beads of sweat dripping off his face, during Rapoza’s declaration of wrongdoing. Our sources say that McFarland has been asked to vacate his position as elder at Valley Christian Church due to his relationship with Flores and the board of education.    


The Shasta County School Board members, who have a history of rubberstamping Flores’ left-leaning policies and practices, refused to place BP 5145.3 back on an open session agenda for further discussion even after the outcry from the public. Mr. Gorman reminded the Board that he will ask for it to be on the agenda each an every month until they listen to the will of the people of Shasta County.       


Known for refusing to listen to the concerns of local citizens if they do not match her liberal agenda, Superintendent Flores, whose schools have some of the worst test scores in the state, is responsible for writing board policy 5145.3 and presenting it to the board for ratification. A defiant Flores refused to address the concerned parents and citizens. The good news is, even though our kids cannot read and write, Flores has ensured that tampon machines are available in our boy's restrooms (And no. We are not kidding. We wish we were.). 


Concerned citizens and parents are encouraged to attend next month's Shasta County Board of Education meeting on February 8, 2023, at 1:30PM (they still refuse to change the time to accommodate working parents and citizens), at 2985 Innsbruck Dr., Redding, CA 96003.  


See you there.

Issue #001 / T. Jefferson

Judy Flores, woke Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, pushes pro LGBTQ policies that threaten free speech


Liberal Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, Judy Flores, pushes unpopular board policies

Judy Refusing to Stand for Flag.jpg

Flores, best known for refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance at a 2022 candidate forum, refuses to speak during board policy debate

Judy Flores, woke Shasta County Superintendent of Schools, continues to push her pro LGBT board policies that force compelled speech. Hoping to bypass any real discussion at the December 14, 2022, Shasta County school board's meeting, Flores requested, via the consent agenda, approval of board policy 5145.3. Newly Elected board member, and local conservative hero, Author Gorman, wisely requested that board policy 5145.3 be taken off the consent agenda so an appropriate discussion of the matter could take place.  


So, what does Shasta County School Board Policy 5145.3 mandate? Simply put, it forces teachers, students, staff, and school administrators to use the "correct" pronouns of transgender students or face disciplinary action. Disciplinary action that could include expulsion for students, and termination of employment for teachers, staff, and school administrators. Flores, not exactly the world's greatest orator, had her Associate Superintendent, Mike Freeman, share his thoughts on the policy. Freeman argued that the policy was revised to protect students who assert their gender identity expression against discrimination. Board member Gorman expressed his concern about the constitutionality of the policy. He noted similar circumstances where educational institutions across the country have been sued, and settled out of court, due to the fact that policies such as these compel speech and violate an individual's right to free speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Gorman noted that, "Gender expression expressed by the student that is fluid does not need to be followed by the staff or anyone in the school. If you have a personally held belief that is different from the gender issue you are not subject to participate. There are only 0-6 people with gender dysphoria in Shasta County. Court cases have settled on the side of employees for substantial amounts of money that would take away our surplus. It needs to be shelved, reexamined, and staff and students educated about their rights.” Gorman further reiterated that the board policy needs to address personally held beliefs.


Superintendent Flores, who sat idly by while the conversation took place, was visibly upset that Gorman questioned her proposed policy. Associate Superintendent, Mike Freeman, stated that the County Office of Education has insurance policies that would pay if the Shasta County Office of Education were to be sued and lose a lawsuit. (Author's note - Thanks Mike, but who's going to pay the premium on said insurance policies when they go sky high after a multi-million dollar lawsuit? You? Flores? Or we the people? Do better Mike).

Flores, with a deer in headlights look in her eyes, who’s best known for refusing to salute the U.S. flag at a candidate debate in 2022, sat silently while student board member Gebhart shared the definition of gender identity and gender expression. Gebhart believes the policy makes students feel safer in schools and more included. She provided stats from the Trevor Project regarding the LGBT community. Within schools and students in the United States, the second leading cause of death in ages 10-24 is suicide, she stated. As a student, she shared that this education system is for her and the students around her, and it should support everyone (Does "everyone" include those forced to play the gender of the month game or just those that agree with board polices that promote the LGBT community and compelled speech?). 

Liberal board members Mills, Manuel, and Brown vocally supported the policy, while several prominent community members spoke out against the policy.

Board member Gorman made a motion to table the discussion in an effort to tailor the policy to meet the needs of all concerned. The motion died due to a lack of a second.


Known for promoting Flores’ liberal educational agenda, board members Kathy Barry, Robert Brown, Steve MacFarland, Laura Manuel, Denny Mills, and Nick Webb voted to punish teachers, staff, students, and administrators for not using "correct" pronouns. Authur Gorman was the only board member to vote no. BP 5145.3 is now mandated in each and every Shasta County Office of Education school. Welcome to the education world in Shasta County boys and girls! Should we be surprised? After all, these are the same people that chose to shut our schools down and then enforce masking and testing rules during the plan-demic. 

During public comment, Jackie Labarbara, an Anderson High School board member, requested that the Shasta County Office of Education board members schedule their public meetings, currently held at 1:30PM, at a time more convenient for parents and community members. Needless to say, the board refused to adjust their meeting times to meet the needs of parents and community members and scheduled their next meeting for 1:30PM, on January 11, 2023. This refusal promoted some local citizens to beg the question, what is Superintendent Judy Flores and the Shasta County school board (minus Mr. Gorman) trying to hide from the concerned parents and citizens of Shasta County? More left-wing policies that don’t align with the community’s values? Looks like we’ll have to attend next month’s meeting to find out. You may want to get there early. It should be a packed house. See you there. At 1:30PM, of course.

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